Roofing Services

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Superior Roofing Services



We provide specialized services for both residential roofing as well as commercial roofing. Our years of experience allows us to manage roofing projects in the best possible manner that best displays your structure.



Prevent large chunks of snow from falling from your roof all at once with permanently installed Sliding Guards. These act as a barrier that breaks snow up into smaller chunks and prevents avalanches. 


Cedar Shake

Want something different to Asphalt? If you’re considering a beautiful cedar shake roof that lasts….We use the correct roofing techniques and work with only the best grade of your cedar shake shingles.


EPDM Flat Roof

We perform EPDM flat roofing repair/installation on any building, office or home and exceed expectations. Get your EPDM roof installed or repaired by us.


Custom Metal

With years of custom metal fabrication experience under our belt, we can install a new custom metal roof system that’s not only functional, but also beautiful.


Carpentry Work

Your roof leaking? How about a moldy attic due to lack of ventilation? Is your roof sagging? This is all roofing carpentry work and our team can correct these problems.